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The 5 big fashion trends for 2017

And before you know it, 2016 is gone and we are now ready to embrace 2017 and what this year may spring on us! And speaking of Spring, let's get a head start on what the 5 biggest fashion trends will be in the coming months.
We saw where chokers and off the shoulder tops surrounded us everywhere we went so now let's welcome a new line of obsessions as we march onward into 2017.

1. Statement sleeves
While we saw some image of these paired with our blouses, bell sleeves and big flared sleeves along with bow tied sleeves will be what is going to catch our eyes as the replacement statement.


2. Corset belting
We saw the western flare in belts ride through in 2016 so in 2017 we take a turn into a more feminine yet edgey side of a corset bustier or a wide lace tie waist belt. You will be seeing these over polished button-down shirts for sure.

3. White shoes
Everything velvet, especially shoes were a must have in 16 but now switch that footwear to a clean, minimalist look and shape that will definitely be making a statement that crisp white is in.

4. Shirting fabric
This once very structured look in a polished button down shirt will now filter in to more fashion forward blouses and skirts. Look for little checks and gingham and poplin frills.


5. Wristlets bags
Another updated way to make a statement piece for your wardrobe. Cool shapes, studs and different hardwares along with a variety of textures will take a stand this year as your evening accessory.

So there you have it...2017 must haves! Some of these may not sound exciting to you or even not doable so always remember, don't dive in full speed ahead with every trend. Find one that works for you and have fun with it. You may be surprised that you are a little more daring than you were in 2016 and then tread lightly with another trend that might have caught your eye. Anyway, we can't wait to see what cool things 2017 will bring us!

(photos via http://stylecaster.com/new-york-fashion-week-street-style-spring-2017/slide178)

Much inspiration,
The Indie girls


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